Takudzwa Alois Chipangura

First Name: Takudzwa Alois
Surname: Chipangura
Nationality: Australian
gender: Male
Work Status: Self-Employed
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Height: 6ft
Shoe Size: 10 1/2
Availability: Very Good

My name is Alois, I am an aspiring artist/ actor based in Melbourne. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about different experiences. My goal is to establish a self-sufficient business within the entertainment industry and other sectors. I enjoy working in a big group and can also strive with ease when working in a small group. My skills are multidisciplinary, from stage productions to screen productions. I am very hands on and comfortable working in harsh environments. My hobbies include hiking, swimming, writing and researching. I hope to hear from you.