Scarlett Matulec

First Name: Scarlett
Surname: Matulec
Nationality: Croatian
gender: Female
Work Status: Part-time
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dyed Blonde
Suit/Dress Size: 8-10 (tops), 12-14 (bottoms)
Chest: 95cm
Height: 173cm
Hips: 94cm
Shoe Size: 8
Availability: Good
My name is Scarlett, I am 19, and live in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I began dancing at the age of 4, and additionally developed a passion for singing and acting a few years later. I am a current full-time Musical Theatre student at Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance, and also teach dance at 2 different Performing Arts Schools. Throughout the duration of my course, I have had the privilege of being trained by industry professionals including Colette Mann, Ian Bliss, Deb Mitchelmore, Kenneth Radley and Francis Greenslade, whom have all contributed to my personal growth as an actor. I have an abundance of onstage performing experience, including ToyBox Australia's Charity Concert, the ICC T20 Mens World Cup Final, and productions with companies including Masters of Choreography, Fab Nobs Theatre, and CPAC Musical Theatre.