Sandeep Gangadharan

First Name: Sandeep
Surname: Gangadharan
Nationality: Indian
gender: Male
Work Status: Casual
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Suit/Dress Size: Large
Chest: 102 cms
Height: 171 cms
Hips: 95 cms
Shoe Size: US 10
Availability: Ok
I am Sandeep, 36 years old with a South Indian origin. I would love to be considered as an Extra as I am passionate about films and commercials. I have acted in a couple of dramas at school level and have really enjoyed acting, though I have not really got a chance to pursue it.

Apart from acting, I am a trained Indian classical singer and I am very interested in providing voice overs for characters as well. I have the experience of singing chorus in one Indian movie.

I love the way films are produced and enjoy the making process of movies and commercials. I also enjoy watching the making videos of movies and am really fascinated in the efforts and techniques used while filming a scene. I would love to explore the wide world of movie making and I believe that being an extra will be a good stepping stone.

I will be really grateful if I am considered for extra roles in any upcoming events and am more than happy to discuss.