Ruiyi Li

First Name: Ruiyi
Surname: Li
Nationality: China
gender: Female
Work Status: Casual
Eye color: dark brown
Hair color: black
Suit/Dress Size: 10
Chest: 85
Height: 170
Hips: 88
Shoe Size: 38
Availability: Good
I am an experienced TV extra with one year of on-set experience. I am passionate about the film and television industry and have a deep appreciation for the hard work that goes into bringing a production to life.

Works I have been participated:

How to stay married
Keeps S2

Aside from my experience, I am also a reliable and hardworking individual who is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of a production. I have a positive attitude and am able to adapt quickly to any situation.

Overall, I believe that my experience, skills, and attitude make me a great fit for any TV extra role. I am excited for the opportunity to continue to work in this industry and contribute to the success of future productions.