Rhys Trotter

First Name: Rhys
Surname: Trotter
Nationality: Australian
gender: Male
Work Status: Casual
Eye color: Hazelnut
Hair color: Brown
Suit/Dress Size: Large
Chest: 105cm
Waist: 86cm
Height: 182cm
Hips: 109cm
Shoe Size: 11.5
Availability: Good
I like exercising and spending time with friends and family. I completed year 12 last year and intend to pursue higher education at a later date.
I have wanted to do extras work/acting and potentially voice acting since I was young, and I have experience with acting as I took many acting classes when I was younger.
I moved to Melbourne in 2017 with my parents, who are both currently enrolled with The Factory Talent as extras.
I am excited to pursue extras work and see where it takes me.