Norwayne Yap

First Name: Norwayne
Surname: Yap
Nationality: Australian
gender: Female
Work Status: Casual
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Black
Suit/Dress Size: 6
Chest: 56 cm
Waist: 56 cm
Height: 113 cm
Hips: 58
Shoe Size: 6
Availability: Good
Norwayne is a Filipino-Australian child artist, who discovered her early passion for TVC and photoshoots at the age of 3. She's been to different commercials, having Erceflora Kiddie as her notable national TVC by far. Having her light, bubbly and happy demeanor, the productions, directors, and photographers she had worked with loved how easy it is to work with her. Aside from her vibrant and lovely register on camera, she can easily grasp and follow instructions and her ability to translate them into actions is beyond her age. She also loves to sing, dance, and loves doing outdoor adventures. Most of all, she really swimming, being on a level 7 class at the age of 5.