Jessica Cerejo

First Name: Jessica
Surname: Cerejo
Nationality: Australian. Heritage is Indian/Portugese
gender: Female
Work Status: Self-Employed
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown
Suit/Dress Size: 10
Chest: 83cm
Waist: 70cm
Height: 168 cm / 5ft 6in
Hips: 98cm
Shoe Size: 10
Availability: Very Good
Jessica Rose is an expressive actor/commercial model who has worked in the industry since 2010. She is of a Portuguese/Indian background great facial expressions and works extensively. She is reliable, highly communicative and a value to every production
2017 - Featured Extra as staff brainstorming in CPA Public Practice Video with Robyn Erskine
Client: CPA. Producer: M&C Saatchi. Director: Derry Sheehan. Art Director: Roxanne Halley. MUA: Nadja Mott
2017 - Featured Extra as staff in NAB Wealth Video
Client: NAB. Director/Producer: Adam Ciancio
2016 - Featured Extra as a customer in ANZ BladePay video
Client: ANZ. Agency: James Geer Photography. Producer: Ursula Fuchs. Director: Bryce McCoy. MUA: Kate McCleary
2014 - Extra as staff for video
Client: SAP. Agency: The Momentum. Director: Felipe Soares, Gerald Stahlmann & Charlie O’Brien. Stylist: Jill Johanson. MUA: Ellie Laws.
2013 - Featured Extra as staff in Coles Freshness TVC 'Helping Australia Grow'
Client: Coles. Agency/Director: Big Red Group's Ted Horton & Chris Bardsley. Producer: Flinders Lane Productions' Vincent Zimbardi & Paul Wagstaff
2012 - Featured Extra as staff in Corporate Training video
Client: PriceWaterHouse Coopers (PwC). Director/Producer: Yut Art's Michael McArthur
2011 - Extra in a permanent in-club Viral Video Installation
Client: Yo-Yo. Director/Producer: Prad Senanayake. Stylist: Sundae Stash
2010 - Extra as a student in a video for International University Students
Client: Anonymous. Director/Producer: Yut Art's Michael McArthur
2010 - Presenter and voice-over for a TAFE educational program
Client: VEA Video Educational Australasia
2009 - Extra in a cinema/TVC for a CPR swimming Community Service Announcement
Client: Ambulance Victoria. Director/Producer: Summer DeRoche

2007 - As a employer/presenter for a career tips video clip
Client: University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
2017 - Mum in family lifestyle Featherstone Estate photo shoot
Client: Central Equity. Producer: Lindsey Fisette. Photographer: Kristian Gehradte. MUA: Zoe Karlis. Stylist: Milana De Mina

2017 - 'Women of the World' photo shoot
Client: Colin Anderson Productions & Dave & Les Jacobs Photography. Producer: 'Sara' SASH Phillips
2016 - Commuter in 'Creative Evolution' photo shoot
Client: PTV Public Transport Victoria. Agency: Miss Bossy Boots. Producer: Andi Plowman. Photographer: Jesper Nielsen. Stylist: Margaret Kernich
2016 - Trendy customer in BladePay photo shoot
Client: ANZ. Agency: James Geer Photography. Producer: Ursula Fuchs & Julie Schroder. Photographer: James Geer. MUA: Kate McCleary
2016 - Shopping customer in taxi photo shoot
Client: Taxi Services Commission. Producer: Cecelia Bedford. Photographer: Mark Chew. Stylist: Anthony Jarvis. MUA: Lisa Sherry
2015 - Student in university photo shoot
Client: Deakin University. Agency/Producer: Sarah Ewing Agency (SEA). Photographer: Mia Mala McDonald. MUA: Claire Leighton
2015 - Young friend in ‘Weekend Away’ photo shoot
Client: HESTA. Agency: Hell Studios & Hardwire. Producer: Monica Clapcott. Photographer: Tintin Hedberg. Stylist: Kim Ellmer. MUA: Justin Henry
2015 - Fiancée & Bride in 'Engagement/Wedding Inspiration' photo shoot
Client: Dulhan Exclusives. Photographer: Franklin Marian. Stylist: Nirmala Franklin. MUA: Nadine Al-Antouri
2015 - Technical staff in BMD staff photo shoot
Client: Black Magic Design. Agency: Coco Productions. Producer: Josie Amato. Photographer: Andrew Vukosav. Stylist: Hayley Callander. MUA: Lisa Sherry
2014 - Office worker staff in photo shoot
Client: Australia Post. Agency: George Patterson Y&R and Miss Bossy Boots. Director/Producer: Kelly Brigham, Ant Simmons, Karley Jay & Veronica Moore. Photographer: Garry Moore. Stylist: Philip Boon. MUA: Narelle Hall
2014 - Commuter extra in bus 'penalty campaign' photo shoot
Client: PTV Public Transport Victoria. Agency: George Patterson Y&R & Miss Bossy Boots. Director/Producer: Karley Jay & Todd Martin. Photographer: Jesper Nielsen. Stylist: Margaret Kernich. MUA: Narelle Hall
2014 - Nurse staff in 'Restart' photo shoot
Client: Department of Employment. Agency: Spinach and Craig Moodie Photography. Director: Frank Morabito. Photographer: Craig Moodie. Stylist/MUA: Cathy Apostolidis
2013 - Customer for In-Home Blinds Services photo shoot
Client: Bunnings. Agency: The Brand Agency. Director: James Barkley. Producer: Karli Ritchie. Photographer: Alan Mitchell. Stylist: Hayley Callander. MUA: Zoe Karlis
2013 Staff extra in Australia Post photo shoot
Client: Australia Post. Agency: MILO & Co. Producer: Cecelia Bedford. Photographer: Lachlan Moore. Stylist: Stylist Kate Gaskin. MUA: Lisa Sherry
2012 Young renter in Insurance photo shoot
Client: AAMI. Agency: Ogilvy Melbourne. Director/Producer: Toby Gill, Lisa Watt & Cecelia Bedford. Photographer: Jamie MacFadyen. Stylist: Michael Houston. MUA: Julie Dammery
2012 Customer in AGL Retail Store photo shoot
Client: AGL. Producer: Kalliroy Edlin. Photographer: Kris Washusen. Stylist: Rebecca Vitartas. MUA: Sylvia Ura
2012 Nurse at home photo shoot
Client: RDNS Royal District Nursing Services. Agency: Davidson Branding. Director/Producer: Michael Callan & Cecelia Bedford. Photographer: Chris Kapa. Stylist: Michael Houston. MUA: Lisa Sherry
2012 - 'Thank you' cards photo shoot
Client: Coles. Agency: The Campaign Palace and Wellcom. Director/Producer: Michael Penglese & Mark Avellino. Photographer: Graham Parson. Stylist: Louise Annells
2012 - Young couple customer in Metricon Display Homes photo shoot
Client: Metricon. Agency: Magnum Opus and Miss Bossy Boots. Director/Producer: Pat Langton & Veronica Moore. Photographer: Jesper Nielsen. Stylist: Philip Boon. MUA: Narelle Hall
2012 - 'Mum' tourist in MCG Melbourne Sports Museum photo shoot
Client: Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) National Sports Museum. Director: Josh Murrell. Producer: Iván Sikic. Photographer: Thom Rigney. MUA: Steph Marks
2011 - 'Mum' tourist in Tourism VIC Phillip Island weekend photo shoot
Client: Tourism Victoria. Producer: Jane Pennell. Photographer: Rob Blackburn. Stylist: Hayley Callander. MUA: Lisa Kane
2011 Staff in 'superannuation rebrand' photo shoot
Client: HESTA Superannuation. Producer: Cecelia Bedford. Photographer: Stu Morley
2011 'East meets West' Runway model, Diwali festival
Client: Heritage India Fashions. Artistic Director: Pushpa Velyavettil & Gary Lee

2011 - Customer client for photo shoot - twice
Client: LifeWorks Relationship Counselling and Education Services. Director: Kim Edwards. Photographer: David Gilliver and Mary Broome
2010 - Luxury hotel guest photo shoot (spa and pool model, sports and gym model, NYE hotel room celebrations model)
Client: Westin Hotels and Resorts - Global and Melbourne. Agency: Helen & Grant. Director: Grant Navin, Photographer: Mikkel Vang
2010 - Online stock photography shoot: trendy girl and business woman
2010 - TFP Bridal magazine and online photo shoot
Client: Forever Flawless. Photographer: Rob. MUA: Vanessa Barney
2006 - 2009 Student in university photo shoots
Client: Monash University