Eugenia (Gina) Miller

First Name: Eugenia (Gina)
Surname: Miller
Nationality: American
gender: Female
Work Status: Casual
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown
Suit/Dress Size: 14-16
Chest: 106
Waist: 99
Height: 160
Hips: 106
Shoe Size: 8
Availability: Very Good
The majority of Gina's experience was between 1992-2001 when she worked as a background artist in Australian Film, TV and some commercials. Gina returned to working as an extra in 2011 as she retired from a teaching career in Art, Drama and Dance also being the Head of a Visual and Performing Arts Department responsible for staging a number of plays and musicals. Gina is an eager, enthusiastic and confident person who can take on a variety of roles in the industry. She has excellent availability and is willing to travel, having undertaken training workshops to update her qualifications. Gina's most recent gigs have been: Slideshow, Neighbours, It’s a Date, Twentysomething, Upper Middle Bogan, John Doe, The Slap and Small Time Gangster. Gina currently plays a regular inmate/ extra in TV series Wentworth.