Rebecca Tucker

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First Name: Rebecca
Surname: Tucker
Nationality: Australian
gender: Female
Work Status: Casual
Eye color: blue
Hair color: Blonde
Suit/Dress Size: 8
Chest: 87cm
Waist: 70cm
Height: 170cm
Hips: 88cm
Shoe Size: 8 - 9
Availability: Very Good
Rebecca has been involved with the film industry since the early ‘90’s.
Having studied Cinema Studies as part of her Bachelor, Rebecca is
passionate about film and genuinely loves the collaborative process of the
art. Since joining The Factory 2 years ago, Rebecca has worked on many TV
shows and TV commercials, including Coles, Virgin, Five Bedrooms, Crazy
Fun Park and Safe House. Outside of this she has acted in a feature film,
several independent films and continues to develop skills through acting
and drama classes and workshops.
With her background in Community Development and Social Work,
Rebecca has exceptional people skills, and the capacity to remain calm and
unflappable in stressful situations. Much of her work in the Community Development
sector involved public speaking and group facilitation, earning her a warmth and
genuineness in her ability to communicate information directly and confidently.
Such skills have transferred well into the film and television industry.