Fiona Bolinger

First Name: Fiona
Surname: Bolinger
Nationality: American
gender: Female
Work Status: Casual
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Light Brown
Suit/Dress Size: 10
Chest: 89
Height: 171
Hips: 89
Availability: Ok
Fiona is an American living in Melbourne with a natural U.S accent. She's a competitive rock climber and attends Maribyrnong Sports College for her sport at a national level. Fiona is a big reader. She also has a passion for writing for the screen. She gained her interest just over a year ago and even works on scripts with other successful actors (Stacy Clausen). Fiona has started to write a dystopian fiction novel beginning in 2019 and hopes to finish by 2022. She is very dedicated and determined. She loves trying new things and is open to all new experiences; she's part of the school debating team, the school production, and last year she was selected from her year to attend the Alpine School, School for Student Leadership Program, a residential leadership school program lasting nine weeks in the Yarra Valley, in which only two percent of Victorian Students are invited to join.

Fiona is always organised in all of her schoolwork and social activities, and will always give her best effort in the most challenging situations.

She is very passionate about film acting and taking it to the next level.

2021 - Screen Acting Classes Sue Ross Screen actors Australia
2021- Participated in school drama classes
2022- Participated in school production of Legally Blonde as a supporting role

Useful skills
American (natural accent), five years guitar, national-level rock climber, can speak intermediate level of French.