Dilara D Akguner

First Name: Dilara D
Surname: Akguner
Nationality: Turkish, Bosnian, Russian, Italian
gender: Female
Work Status: Casual
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Suit/Dress Size: 8
Chest: 12b
Height: 170cm
Shoe Size: 8
Availability: Ok
Dilara Akguner, is a sociologist that works with narrative and visual arts, in the public and digital realms (www.ddilaraa.com). Dilara has studied acting in high school and by short courses at NIDA. She has experience with screen and theatre, including presentations, via teleprompter, and improvisational. Dilara has a BA, MA, PhD, and a post doctorate in political science, international relations, and sociology, and has worked for the United Nations. Dilara is currently studying Visual Arts at VCA and is the creative director for @ddaglobe. Dilara speaks Turkish and English, enjoys cinema, travel, meditation, writing, reading, and yoga. Dilara is Turkish, Australian, with a mix of Slavic and Mediterranean ethnic background.